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The revolutionary self-propelling, expanding hose.Expands up to 25 foot hose!

Automatically expands when water is on and contracts when water is turned off.

Just turn on the water and it grows up to 3 times its length!

Ultra-lightweight.Never kinks, never binds, never tangles

Super strong and durable.Easy to store

Expands with water pressure.Contracts for easy storage

The secret is its revolutionary dual-sleeve, water-pressure-activated design.

 It is made of a durable, flexible, expandable hose surrounded bystrong, durable fabric.


SKU: VHGVACIND0241 / EAN 0644812024122
  • units/MC: 24 (25FT) / 24 (50FT) / 12 (75FT)

    Units/IC: 12 (25FT) /12 (50FT) / N/A (75FT)

    Retail pack measurement(cm):11 x7x21 (25FT) / 30,5x11,5x11,5 (50FT) / 31,5x13,5x15,5 (75FT)

    Product measurement (cm): 25FT / 50FT / 75 FT