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The ISL family is a multidisciplinary group of passionate professionals. We value innovation, teamwork and enthusiasm. We pride ourselves on our capacity to learn and grow together. Team members must have good initiative and adopt an “out of the box” philosophy to problem-solving. ISL is an exciting company where new opportunities are always arising as we quickly adapt to shifts in the marketplace.

We hold offices in various countries throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia.

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There are constantly new projects coming up at ISL, which allows us to reinvent ourselves and keep growing.

Mónica Monfort García, Retail Distribution Director for Spain & Portugal

Work Remotely

The company has always been sensitive to employees’ personal circumstances and accommodates them when possible. During the COVID epidemic, ISL encouraged remote work from the beginning and offered us the necessary tools. Though the office remains open, only those who, due to personal reasons or circumstances, choose to go in, use it.

Amaya Canduela, Management Assistant

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ISL is just as versatile, agile and multicultural as the countries and sectors it serves. Our agility, versatility and multiculturalism is without a doubt our stamp. There are no limits to the kinds of projects, products, sectors or countries that we can take on. And not everyone knows how to do it the way the ISL team does.

Estelle Gouerou, Retail Export Director

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To me what stands out the most about ISL is its stability. I’ve been in the company for almost 20 years and it has always remained strong, even though the real estate economic crisis brought down a lot of other industries. Even now with the pandemic, and as we slowly transition from television marketing to online, we are still in control and taking the right steps to move forward as a successful company.

Ferdinand Felix, Director of Creative Services, Marketing Department

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