How We Work

From Design to Distribution

The ISL Group has designed, produced and marketed more than 2000 products. The majority of our offerings come from our in-house design team while we source up to 2% of our catalogue of products from third parties. Our teams oversee the entire process from design to distribution to marketing for a truly hands-on approach that draws from three decades of knowledge and experience in Direct Response and International Marketing.  Our Export Direct Response TV and Export Retail teams work closely with retail partners to craft captivating video commercials for in-store promotion of our products.

Our Process

Design & Development

The ISL group will either design its products or control the design of the product made by its suppliers. Either way, for a product to be incorporated in the ISL catalogue, it has to pass a stringent scrutiny not only from a Quality Control standpoint, but also from the in-house design team’s point of view. This process ensures that all ISL group products have a design that is totally innovative, modern and visually appealing. Once final designs are defined, ISL will protect these unique designs by registering relevant design patents or industrial models in major countries worldwide.

Product Marketing

Once a product is finalised, the ISL group will ensure that it has the best marketing materials to achieve success in the market. The main marketing materials attached to each product include:

  • Multilingual retail packaging
  • Clear user guides & instruction manuals
  • Selling materials for retailer point of sale. (POS)
  • Selling materials for traditional catalogue or mail order sales
  • TV spots and infomercials for teleshopping or Direct Response TV sales
  • Spots, landing pages and other materials for online and social media sales

Manufacturing & Quality Control

The ISL group manufactures its products in various locations throughout the world. While it usually relies on manufacturing plants in China for hard products, it produces other product categories in manufacturing facilities in Europe, the United States and other regions. In all cases, ISL thoroughly scrutinizes the manufacturing plants it employs to ensure that they comply with all local and international regulatory standards and that they are capable of following the ISL group’s Quality Control procedures.

International Logistics & Inventory Management

The ISL group has international distribution points in key territories across the world. Major hubs exist in China, HK, Australia, Japan, West and East coast of USA, Spain, Holland, UK, Italy, Switzerland and several other European countries.

Retail Distribution

The ISL group sells its products in most major retail outlets in countries all over the world. The sales are generally promoted by a TV Screen highlighting the key selling features and problem solving features of the product(s) featured. These TV monitors are owned by the ISL group companies and have been specially adapted for this purpose.

Direct Response TV

One of the fundamentals in the ISL group is Direct Response TV. All core ISL products have a high quality TV infomercial or spot, capable of selling the product directly to consumers, when broadcast on TV.

The group of companies includes a 100% owned TV station in the UK which broadcasts the ISL infomercials 24 hours per day. ISL has produced over 500 TV infomercials and TV spots for its products and currently produces upwards of 50 new ones every year.

Online Marketing

The ISL digital or online marketing department is one of the fastest growing enterprises in the Group. With a huge double digit yearly growth rate, it is set to dominate the multi-channel digital marketing arena in many areas and countries in the following years.

The online division sells ISL products via a multitude of digital platforms, including paid and organic search, social media, native ads, affiliate marketing, amongst others.

Become a Retail Partner

ISL products are well positioned in major hypermarkets, supermarkets, department stores and discounters throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas. With more than 40,000 in-store TV screens showcasing our latest innovations, the ISL Group is the leading European entity for this type of point of purchase promotional selling. The ISL group has extended its comprehensive know-how and product marketing success in major retail outlets to major hubs in Europe, including Spain, Portugal, Italy, UK, Germany, France, Switzerland and The Netherlands.